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Interview starts: 5:50 Debrief starts: 47:39 Neal Bloom is the founder or Fresh Brewed Tech and the host of the podcast, Tacos & Tech. Fresh Brewed Tech is a media company dedicated to raising awareness of local tech ecosystems in local areas through storytelling. Having started as a way to connect tech-focused San Diegans, Fresh Brewed Tech is currently expanding and starting to aid other regions by creating local unified tech ecosystems. His podcast, Tacos & Tech, has the same goal as the Fresh Brewed Tech brand. Neal began his entrepreneurial work with Portfolium. He also currently serves that a chair for Startup San Diego. We discuss: - Ad: Finding experienced employees for your new business with Integrity Power Search (4:25) - Neal's story: from aerospace engineering to HR technology and Portfolium (6:00) - Los Angeles vs. San Diego ecosystems, needs, and assets (10:42) - San Diego's aggregation of defense, telecom, cyber security, and biotech companies (14:48) - Fresh Brewed Tech synopsis, highlights, and changes since its beginnings (16:40) - San Diegans (22:03) - How Fresh Brewed Tech has become a full-time effort (22:20) - Storytelling as a way to strengthen and empower startup communities (24:01) - Fresh Brewed Tech's audience (29:27) - Learning to run a media company (30:50) - Startup San Diego. Finding funding, motivation, volunteers, and an executive director (33:35) Learn more about Fresh Brewed Tech: https://freshbrewedtech.com/ Subscribe to Tacos & Tech: https://plinkhq.com/i/1374814595?to=page Follow Neal on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NealBloom Follow upside on Twitter: https://twitter.com/upsidefm Advertise with an upside classified: https://upside.fm/classifieds -- This episode is sponsored by Integrity Power Search, the #1 full stack high growth startup recruiting firm between the coasts. They partner with venture capitalists, private equity groups and CEOs to build amazing teams for the world’s most disrupting companies. Learn more about or get in touch with Integrity Power Search: https://upside.fm/integrity

Published on Dec 18, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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