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Interview starts: 6:25 Debrief starts: 49:00 Anthony Vennare is the cofounder and CEO of Fitt, a discovery platform that broadcasts different health and wellness opportunities and locations in different cities. Fitt functions similar to Yelp or Eater for fitness, with the ultimate goal of connecting communities and fitness enthusiasts to health events and people in their cities. Alongside his company, Anthony also runs a fitness newsletter branded as Fitt Insider. After opening and growing a gym business with his brother in the Pittsburgh area, the two began Fitt in 2017. In today’s episode, Anthony discusses their experience owning and closing this gym as well as the succeeding projects that followed, such as writing for health and wellness magazines and helping others start their own fitness businesses. We discuss: - Marine Corps experience (7:18) - Starting and growing a gym (10:08) - Creating content and working on other projects as freelance fitness enthusiasts and ultimately creating Fitt (20:00) - Fitt’s business model and Mindbody partnership (22:00) - Why Fitt works (25:40) - Approach to networking and growth (28:00) - Media strategy: Fitt Insider newsletter and podcast (31:40) - Launching in Fitt in a city (33:55) - Advertising and sponorships through the platform (38:05) - Acquiring new fitness users (39:30) - Future growth and revenue (40:55) Learn more about Fitt: https://fitt.co Get the Fitt insider: https://insider.fitt.co/ Follow upside on Twitter: https://twitter.com/upsidefm Advertise with an upside classified: https://upside.fm/classifieds -- This episode is sponsored by Integrity Power Search, the #1 full stack high growth startup recruiting firm between the coasts. They partner with venture capitalists, private equity groups and CEOs to build amazing teams for the world’s most disrupting companies. Learn more about or get in touch with Integrity Power Search: https://upside.fm/integrity

Published on Jan 08, 2020 in Entrepreneurship
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