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Find the video at and go on a RING FAT ADVENTURE!

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The Lamer Gamers go on a RING FAT ADVENTURE! Watch it over on Youtube at The guys go to simplyTravis' HOUSE OF GAINS (in an atrociously lame skit) to unbox and play Ring Fit Adventure! In this video the Lamer Gamers break open the box and give their impressions of what it's like to play the game including some alternatives for people who may be getting a bit up in age with bad knees. They also might have the occasional Ring Con tug of war contest... After the unboxing and impressions Rowdy5000 plays through the first few levels to give you an idea of what the quality of the game is and how it plays. Will this game be too strenuous for you? Is it game enough or is it just lame? Watch the video to find out!

Published on Feb 03, 2020 in Games
US English


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