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Interview begins: 5:25 Debrief begins: 46:38 Tekin Meriçli is the cofounder and CTO of Locomation, a company focused on developing autonomous trucking. Founded in 2018, Locomation hopes to implement autonomous driving technology into freight trucks to create convoys of semi-autonomous, highway-travelling trucks. Tekin became interested in computer technology from a young age while growing up in Istanbul. An alumni of UT Austin, Bogaziçi, and Carnegie Mellon, he has a multitude of engineering experience in the field, which he brings to Locomation. We discuss: - Ad: Finding experienced employees for your new business with Integrity Power Search (3:48) - Tech community in Istanbul (7:37) - DARPA challenge and Carnegie Mellon's advances in autonomous AI (11:36) - The idea for Locomation and the Artificial General Intelligence problem (17:35) - Locomotion truck convoys (23:56) - Creating a business from autonomous driving (26:58) - Locomation's progress to date (29:00) - Truck drivers of Locomation (31:56) - Implementing Locomation (37:07, 41:33) - Will Locomation be the first? (38:24) - Decreased driver's pay vs. improved driving conditions (39:50) - 5-10 year goals (44:38) Learn more about Locomation: https://locomation.ai/ Follow upside on Twitter: https://twitter.com/upsidefm Advertise with an upside classified: https://upside.fm/classifieds -- This episode is sponsored by Integrity Power Search, the #1 full stack high growth startup recruiting firm between the coasts. They partner with venture capitalists, private equity groups and CEOs to build amazing teams for the world’s most disrupting companies. Learn more about or get in touch with Integrity Power Search: https://upside.fm/integrity

Published on Feb 05, 2020 in Automotive
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