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Landon sits down with Ty Abernethy, Co-Founder and CEO of Grayscale to discuss getting to $60K ARR with an MVP, getting blacklisted for sending too many outbound sales emails, and VC vs Bootstrapping.

Today’s Topics:

  • How Landon and Ty met at a strangely-named entreprenuer meetup
  • Grayscale’s 30-second elevator pitch
  • Accidentally naming Ty’s company after a disease
  • Coming up with the initial idea
  • Getting to $60K ARR with an MVP
  • Finding a co-founder
  • Burned by too much funding too early in a recent business
  • Outbound sales and partnerships
  • How to get your domain blacklisted (and then fix it)
  • The hardest part about running a business
  • Taking the team out for drinks
  • Digital detox

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Published on Feb 07, 2020 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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