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On this episode Matt talks about the Disintegration beta, a mix of shooter with RTS where you fly a "gravcycle" and control your troops on the ground. What is it like? What did he think of it? Does it have swords? Listen and find out!


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Intro and outro music by Joseph McDade: https://josephmcdade.com

"Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying" by Belle and Sebastian: https://belleandsebastian.com/


Intro - 0:00

Closed and open betas - 1:03

What's the game like? - 1:54

Tiny UI complaints - 3:53

Customization - 4:45

Crews (classes) - 5:29

Game modes and maps - 11:16

Gameplay impressions - 14:08

Conclusion - 15:37

Outro - 16:52

Published on Feb 10, 2020 in Video Games
US English


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