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If you’re an old skool raver like I am, or have any kind of interest in electronic dance music and DJ’s then you’ll no doubt be familiar with Brandon’s name already. A pioneer of the house music scene both in the UK and of course Ibiza, Brandon was quite literally living the dream - doing what he loved and a far cry from your typical 9-5!

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Hey welcome to another episode of Escape The Rat Race Radio, my name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Brandon Block..

Unfortunately for Brandon, he proved to himself that there could be too much of a good thing, and the hedonistic lifestyle that he became famous for back in the late nineties rapidly began to spiral out of control, leading to serious drug addiction and being told that if he didn’t stop he would only have a couple of weeks left to live.

It often takes a catalyst to bring about change, and this certainly set about a new lease of life for Brandon, albeit, as you’ll hear today, it wasn’t until a good 10 years later that Brandon once again took stock of his life and asked himself if what he was doing was truly making him happy.

In today’s episode you’ll hear Brandon explain about the work he’s been involved in over the last 8 or so years with people suffering from mental illness, addiction and homelessness through the NHS, which has inspired him to create his own business called Happy Days which focuses on teaching anybody how to use simple tools to begin bringing more compassion into your life and focus on what’s good, as opposed to what you don’t have in your life right now.

I personally see many people attending Escape the Rat Race events who are unhappy with their work, their boss or their financial situation - and as you’ll hear from our discussion today, sometimes instead of blaming everyone and everything else for not being right, the first place to look to begin fixing things, is within ourselves.

OK Let’s do this! Let’s head on over to my conversation with Superstar DJ and all round top geezer, Brandon Block! Oi Oi!

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Happy Days! - Helping you grow happiness from within every day
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The Four Agreements [Book]

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Published on Jul 23, 2019 in Careers
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