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"Building a Business Around Your Life" is why I wanted to get Sarah onto the show. When I heard her story and how she's run her business, I had to get her on to share it.

She's inspired me to run an experiment in my own business and I'm sharing the journey in my community as it unfolds. The hypothesis for the experiment is that a day rate model can gain traction and increase revenue for the business in a downturn market.

The experiment is running for 90 days and so far I'm 30 days in and it looks promising.

I wanted to share this show with you because, at heart, Sarah is a creator. I classify myself as a creator as well. If you are providing client services or looking for a way to have some freedom and flexibility in your life and live sustainably, listen to this show.

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Today’s co-host is Sarah Masci. Sarah is a designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Bracken House Branding Co. Sarah has been in the online business game for 15 years now, and she’s the epitome of building a business around the life she wants.

Published on Apr 28, 2020 in Entrepreneurship
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