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Comedy superstar Dan Cummins and his Queen, Lynze, join us this week for an amazing conversation!

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Have you ever met one of your heroes? I had the awesome pleasure of meeting with my all-time humor hero Dan Cummins and his amazing wife Lynze for a deep dive into dynamic topics that really matter. Join me for this behind-the-scenes conversation with this podcasting power couple as we explore finding resiliency in challenging times, love, connection, and being a force for good in the world. All of this and so much more to sink your teeth into as we serve up a hearty helping of Cummins casserole brainfood, this week, on The Spark. Dan Cummins' website ( Timesuck Podcast ( Timesuck episode on Genghis Khan ( , excerpted in this episode on Amazon Prime Video ( Like what we do? Support us on Patreon: ( Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM. Hear more great podcasts at ( Follow the show: ( ( ( Follow NoCo FM: ( ( ( Support this podcast

Published on Jul 09, 2020 in Comedy Interviews
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