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Interview begins: 6:49 Debrief: 35:17 Today we're talking with Dave Sachse, the founder, and managing partner of the Sachse Family Fund. The Sachse Family Fund is a family office venture capital fund based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In today’s episode, we’re finally exploring the family office investing model! Key Points: - Family office beginnings - 5:46 - Family offices and VCs - 8:33 - Branding for family offices - 13:02 - Pros and cons - 15:38 - Collaboration between family offices - 22:57 Follow Dave Sachse: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-sachse-1244989/ ----- This episode is sponsored by Midwest Tech. Midwest. Tech is a virtual summit for startup founders and investors across the Midwest taking place September 8-10. The goal of the summit is to connect early-stage founders across the Midwest with venture capitalists and angel investors focused on pre-seed, seed, and series A fundraising. The event is free for founders. Apply by August 7 at midwest.tech/connect. – This episode of upside is also sponsored by Ethos Wealth Management. Managing wealth with an eye toward the future demands vigilance and skill in today’s global economy. Over the years, Ethos Wealth Management has worked with clients and their other professional advisors – including attorneys and accountants – to create comprehensive wealth management plans designed to make the best use of their wealth today and help ensure its endurance for future generations. They can do the same for you. Visit upside.fm/ethos to learn more. – Want to share information about your company, or an opportunity with the upside audience? Book a classified advertisement and your advertisement will be read in an upcoming episode of the show. Classified ads are priced at $100, and are: read by Jay and/or Eric on upside linked from the show notes linked from this website, upside.fm

Published on Jul 29, 2020 in Investing
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