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This time I have the bootstrapped founder Arvid Kahl on the show. He created with his partner Danielle a SaaS business, completely bootstrapped and sold it after 2 years. As he sold it, the MRR was $55.000. His story is truly unbelievable. We talked about how to find a niche to build a business, why bootstrapping is such a good alternative to the traditional VC route, we also spoke about how hard it really was to build FeedbackPanda and where he thinks are good business opportunities at the moment. And so much more.  



His website: https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/

His book: https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/zero-to-sold/

Twitter: @arvidkahl


My website: https://ideas-inspire-action.com/

Music credits: Grab A Partner by Loyalty Freak Music from Free Music Archive, CC0 1.0 Universal License

Published on Aug 15, 2020 in Business
US English


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