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More people need to understand the gig economy and how harmful it can be. That's why you need to listen to this podcast with Nate, the co-founder of Dumpling. Listen to this if you live in California and want to get an idea about Prop 22.

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Hey everyone. I wanted to jump in quickly let you know about the release of the audio version of my book, The Entrepreneur Ethos, narrated by David A. Conatser. If you want to support the show, you can buy it wherever audiobooks are sold. Links are also in the show notes. 

Now on to my guest for today. Nate D’Anna, founder of Dumpling.

When Nate D’Anna was thinking of his next steps after working in corporate acquisitions, he realized that the companies with lasting success endured because of the grit and passion of their founders. He’s found that passion through the business he co-founded, Dumpling, which is based around the question of helping those who are often invisible to the typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. 

First Nate tried crowdsourcing data from workers to help companies improve but found that the market for that data was not ultimately helping the people he wanted to help. After crossing the country and talking to an array of people working in blue-collar jobs and trying out gigs like Instacart shopping, Nate and his co-founders decided to build tools that would help gig workers take charge of their own businesses. Dumpling seeks to be the solution to the recent rise of underpaid, exploited gig worker and to help aspiring entrepreneurs be the decision-makers about the services they provide. 

Nate has drawn on his experiences working in technical customer support, product management, and corporate acquisitions in National Instruments and Cisco to develop and build Dumpling. Nate clearly is motivated by more than just wanting to build a successful business: he is driven by his passion to help others take charge of their own success. 

Now let’s get better together.

Actions to Try or Advice to Take

  • Like many entrepreneurs, D’Anna and his co-founder went out of their comfort zone by trying out gig work himself and going out and talking to many blue-collar workers and then developed a process to help them. Getting out of your comfort zone and looking for unexplored areas might just be the key to your unique selling proposition.
  • D’Anna stresses the importance of passion and grit for long-term success. Are you passionate about your business? If not, how might you bring passion into your business? What can you get so passionate about that you can see doing it for the next 10-20 years? 
  • Dumpling is based on the idea that delivering a service is more than just an action: it’s the building of a relationship. Are you focused on the sale, or on building relationships? The person providing the service is part of the relationship, too. 

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Published on Oct 15, 2020 in Society & Culture
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