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This week, we brainstorm design patterns that help save people from themselves. From stopping the spread of misinformation, to saving eardrums, to screening spoilers, these design ideas are often clever and non-obvious. In the Sidebar, we discuss why radio and checkbox inputs are the way they are, and how to use them well in your designs.

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In this week's Sidebar, we discuss why radio and checkbox inputs are different, and how to think about designing patterns to make form fields obvious to your users.

Follow up:

  • Jesse Box tweeted about a process that works for building a culture of excellence at their company:
    • Include design quality tickets in each sprint
    • QA lots of small tasks rather than one huge task
  • Michel van Heest tweeted: Also, @brian_lovin should write a book or something, or they should just transcript @designdetailsfm

Main topic:

Divya Tan asked on Twitter: Not sure if this has already been tackled, but what are things that you do to "save the users from themselves" along the lines of @gamemakerstk's video for same thing for game design.

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And that's the way it is!

Published on Nov 11, 2020 in Design
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Nice. You could jump in around 7:10 when they start to discuss the tactics.

1 year ago • Reply


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