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On this episode of the "Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy are joined by entrepreneur, philanthropist, former presidential candidate, and all around great guy Andrew Yang. Delving into topics such as his presidential run, how politicians are trying to infuse themselves into sports, the Facebook dilemma, the 2020 election and more, it's an interview you surely won't want to miss. Plus, there's the TOP 5/Draft that will put you in a New York State of mind.  RUNDOWN​ Discussing the polls at the present time as compared with 2016  Explains his role in the upcoming election  Talks about how the south is turning and there may be some surprising results Dissects Ted Cruz's obsession with knocking the NBA Who would win in a one on one game: Yang or Cruz? Making sense of the NBA ratings right now Politicians trying to infuse themselves into sports Is there is a way out of this toxic climate in America How do we get companies like Facebook to clean up their act Discussing his run for the presidency and the meaning of Human Centered Capitalism The knee jerk reaction of claiming socialism when discussing universal basic income Does he look back as his run as a success Lesson learned on the campaign trail Is there a fix to the "popular vote" issue and is rank choice voting the answer On "Humanity Forward" How trillion dollar companies like Amazon pay no taxes and how changing that can cure so much How does he successfully pivot from one career to the next Doing a job you don't like will turn you into an unhappy person On investing in the paths for the younger generation Breaking down the entire Trump ordeal over the last week TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Published on Oct 06, 2020 in Sports
US English


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