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This is an episode of Mastering the Attention Economy Podcast with host Ari Lewis and Yaro Bagriy. Yaro is the founder of Newsletter Crew, a community focused on helping creators build newsletters.

We discuss building a newsletter community, focusing on a niche, and buying and integrating communities.

Follow Yaro on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yarobagriy Sign up for Newsletter Crew: https://newslettercrew.com/ 

Follow Ari on Twitter: https://twitter.com/amlewis4 Follow Ari on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ari_lewis4/ Visit Ari's Site: http://arilewis.com/ Join BrandStreet: https://www.brandstreet.co/

Produced by Courtnie Lewis: https://www.courtnielewis.com

Music by Mark Rhodes: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2F3QTcv7P4TxveL1tDeXmL?si=KEiZ9oB_TQyD_3ISQC8y-A

Published on Dec 23, 2020 in Business
US English


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