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My guest today is David Kadavy, author of The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating. David shares lessons on how we can overcome fear, self-doubt, and distractions to stop procrastinating and start working on our creative projects.


  • 00:42 About David Kadavy
  • 2:08 Inspiration for writing his book
  • 6:14 How creative projects transform you
  • 8:13 The dangerous of not pursuing your creative project
  • 11:52 How the Ego stops you from pursuing your art
  • 14:04 How to use curiosity to fuel your creativity
  • 20:11 Why you should follow the voice in your head
  • 24:22 Give yourself permission to suck
  • 27:43 How dreaming too big can backfire
  • 31:18 How to use motivational judo
  • 35:06 How to read more books
  • 37:17 How creating art will make you a better person
  • 38:40 Two books that had a huge influence on David

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Published on Jul 14, 2020 in Books
US English


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