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My guest today is James Altucher, the author of several books including the WSJ bestseller Choose Yourself! He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, chess master, comedian, and prolific writer. He is also the podcast host of "The James Altucher Show" which has had over 30 million downloads.

In our conversation, James shares advice on how to find your passion, why you should choose yourself and not wait for the approval of others, advice from billionaires, how to be happy, and much more. 


  • [1:14] About James Altucher & his background  
  • [2:49] The benefits of trying new things
  • [4:54] What it means to Choose Yourself
  • [9:56] We live in a Choose Yourself era
  • [12:52] How to find your passion
  • [23:21] You don't have to quit your day job to be an entrepreneur
  • [25:47] Dealing with failure & how to keep going when things get tough
  • [29:53] Why you should experiment often & share your ideas 
  • [32:13] How to be happy & the role money plays in happiness
  • [35:04] How James was able to overcome depression & rebuild himself from nothing
  • [41:10] Things James learned from interviewing billionaires
  • [46:06] It's never too late to Choose Yourself
  • [49:00] Books that had a huge influence on James & how they changed him
  • [53:38] How James inspired me to choose myself & start this podcast

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Published on Oct 08, 2020 in Mental Health
US English


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