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In today's episode of the Growth Equation we had the pleasure to bring on Ralph Sadowski, Senior  Biz Ops Manager at Shopify. Ralph got to share his expertise of what biz ops does , how they can be a more strategic function and what is needed to be a high performing team. 

Ralph is a big believer on why biz ops is  the mix of strategy and execution and why it becomes a catch all and how this function will change as it becomes more mature. He got to share his experience both at Uber, Neo Financial and Shopify some of the leading business operations functions. 

This Episode will cover: 

  • What  is the Biz Ops Function 
  • How Biz Ops is changing over time 
  • How Biz Ops is one of the key elements of growth 
  • What Biz Ops teams are accountable on 

Published on Mar 10, 2021 in Business
US English


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