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In this episode, we've discussed Nick Jordan's SEO store one of his clients.

We're talking about the following topics:

1:40 - About Nick and why left sales

2:48 - His story of 0-479K organic visits from Do Not Pay (detailed case study below)

4:27 - How did he do it?

5:42 - What about the quality of the content while writing so much?

7:42 - Does domain authority matter to rank for organic visits?

8:56 - Isn't web traffic a vanity metric? How does he think about bringing qualifies leads?

13:49 - How does he think about freelancers vs in-house writers?

15:09 - How does think about non-native English writers?

17:10 - What if Google's algorithm changes and his strategy won't work?

19:03 - What does "providing value" means to rank on search?

20:03 - How does he think about ranking for competitive keywords?

23:30 - Does keyword difficulty matter?

24:48 - How does he think about writing for the future? Can his writers pull that off?

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Published on Apr 24, 2021 in Marketing
US English


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