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Gauthier Borsarello is a vintage collector, curator, a menswear designer and a journalist. One of the pivotal figures in Parisian menswear, he’s charming, opinionated and sure of his convictions.

This week, he and Aleks talk about his various projects; from running Le VIF Vintage to launching and editing L'Etiquette magazine, the problems of ‘Insta fashion’, why menswear journalism isn’t always a good thing, and what it really means to be ‘elegant’ in the world today. This episode is fast-paced, direct and filled with pertinent opinion. We hope you enjoy Gauthier’s candour as much as we did.

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Show Notes:

Gauthier Borsarello — Instagram | Website

[02:10] GQ Style Article
[03:41] Gauthier on Double Bass
[03:45] Orchestre de Paris
[03:51] The Proms
[06:52] Colette, Paris
[07:21] L’Etiquette Magazine
[07:23] Le Vif Showroom
[07:25] Holiday Boileau
[13:51] Edward Green
[16:11] Johnny Cash in a black shirt
[16:52] Celine Men’s Summer 2020
[17:10] BEIGE Habilleur
[18:30] The Rake Magazine
[25:09] Kidur
[25:40] Gauthier’s Vintage Piaget
[35:17] Husbands
[35:19] Cifonelli
[35:22] Le Vif
[36:04] Marc Beauge
[36:29] Dick Carroll
[38:12] Chapal
[38:14] Corthay
[39:55] So Press
[49:43] Gauthier’s 1960s Abercrombie Hunting Suit
[49:48] Hunter S. Thompson
[49:55] Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Published on Aug 07, 2019 in Fashion & Beauty
UK English


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