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Natalie is the co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, the 18-year old bootstrapped software company behind Beanstalk, Postmark, and Conveyor. With 30 employees, 100,000+ customers, and millions in revenue, Natalie’s focus at the company is on culture and team happiness.

Published on Aug 21, 2019 in Business
US English

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Awesome interview with an awesome founder! 🔥

Haha. Loved this part: "Wildbit was initially a consultancy. We did lots of Flash work; I'm not sure the audience knows what Flash was, but it was a thing." 😜

4 years ago • Reply

Loved that as well! Ha ha ha! We are ... old.

4 years ago • Reply

This is why I like Pod Hunt - I'm subscribed to around 300 podcasts but not this one. And Bright & Early sounds exactly like the kind of podcast I want to listen to.

4 years ago • Reply

Thanks, Paul! I hope you like what you hear. Hit me up (@brhea) and let me know what you think!

4 years ago • Reply


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