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Todd Kramer is one of the key pieces of the Art world today. He currently owns multiple Galleries, with his partner Ryan Ross, they have created a well know space for artists to grow their work. In today's episode we take a deep dive into the Art world. James and Todd speak about how Todd's obsession with Keith Haring got him into this world when he was 24. They also talk about how galleries work and how they can help build artists career by showcasing their work. To conclude the episode, James and Todd speak about NFTs, the new emerging digital art form that has taken over the conventional art space over the past few months.  


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About your host, James:  James Beshara is a founder, investor, advisor, author, podcaster, and encourager based in Los Angeles, California. James has created startups for the last 12 years, selling one (Tilt, acquired by Airbnb), and invested in a few multi-billion dollar startups to date. He has spoken at places such as Y-Combinator, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, TechCrunch Disrupt, and has been featured in outlets like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and Time Magazine. He’s been featured in Forbes, Time, and Inc Magazine’s “30 Under 30” lists and advises startups all around the world. All of this is his “above the line” version of his background. Hear the other 90% of the story in the intro episode of Below The Line. 

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Published on Aug 24, 2021 in Entrepreneurship
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