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Season 1 of our podcast here at Ramp was filled with conversations, controversial opinions, and practical takeaways from leading finance professionals.

We learnt a lot and judging by the feedback we received,  you did too.

And now, we’re back!

But with a twist…

Season 2 is called Recession-Proof. 

In each episode, Alex, VP of Finance & Capital Markets and Kimia, Head of Savings at Ramp host thought-provoking conversations with finance leaders, executives, and investors on the current state of the market and what this means for your business through 2022 and beyond.

Onto our first episode...

The macro trends of 2022 are putting tremendous pressure on businesses and more specifically, financial leaders. Higher inflation, lower investment, and budget cuts suggest that we may be heading toward a recession if we are not within one already.

Instead of raising capital and driving growth, many are starting to rethink their strategy to increase operational efficiency and expense reduction. Recession-Proof co-hosts Kimia Hamidi, Head of Savings at Ramp and Alex Song, VP of Finance & Capital Markets, join us today to discuss how to save cash, control expenses, and still focus on growth, despite economic headwinds.

In this episode, Kimia and Alex discuss:

  • 2022 macro dynamics
  • What makes a great business
  • When should you bring on a procurement manager
  • SaaS procurement negotiation strategies

Learn more about Alex & Kimia:

Published on Sep 01, 2022 in Business
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