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Customer relationships don't have to last forever. Keeping your hands wrapped around every customer will only lead to trying to evolve into something you're not is the death knell for your business. 


Today, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discuss the idea that you should let your customers outgrow you from their book, Rework


Show Notes: 


[00:32] - Why evolving as your customers do is a death knell for your business. 

[01:37] - David shares why, as a software design business owner, you need to be the voice of the people who aren't your customers—yet!

[02:31] - By building in all the features your existing customers want, you are closing the door on what makes things turnkey for new customers. 

[03:24] - Not every customer relationship has to be forever. 

[04:55] - Jason shares why your product needs to evolve no matter your business size. 

[05:39] - Why it's important to gear your improvements on behalf of everyone and not a few outliers.

[06:39] - How pricing models differ based on size - both of you and your customers. 

[07:49] - We don't have whales because we don't have the sales cycle to hunt whales.  

[10:38] - Keeping your hands clasped around every customer vs. knowing when to let them go (or grow).  

[11:46] - We don't want to change our business to support companies much bigger than ours, but your mileage may vary.  

[14:26] - The lackluster appeal of committee-driven software development.

[16:07] - Hey—a different animal for a global audience. 

[16:31] - Jason shares why doing anything easy requires a lot of work. 

[18:13] - David shares why 37signals is in the business of designing software for an audience of one. 

[19:11] - Wallet-based feedback is the best feedback you can get. 

[20:03] - "The only kind of software that is out the gate great is software built for the people who've worked on it."

[21:19] - We are putting together an "ask me anything" episode. So if you have a question for Jason and David, leave us a voicemail at 708-628-7850.

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Do you have a question for Jason and David? Leave us a voicemail at 708-628-7850


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Published on Dec 14, 2022 in Entrepreneurship
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