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Topics in this episode:

  • ┬áLACRM is having a good December
  • Rick is feeling lots of momentum
  • Rick gives an update on LegUp Health's growth
  • Rick is reading the Warren Buffet bio: The Snowball
  • Tyler explains LACRM's new approach to bug triage
  • Rick is thinking about how hard to push for in-person
  • Tyler describes a new shorthand: Following daylight
  • Rick realizes he's learning a lot about digital marketing
  • We discuss how it's good for businesses to be boring and complex
  • Ricks suggests having "certifications" for new hires
  • We discuss Webflow Logic
  • Rick is going on a date!
  • Tyler is trying to decide how to prioritize big bets vs. small bets at LACRM.

Published on Dec 13, 2022 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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