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If you have a social media account you’ve seen Gary Vee, but this is a version of Gary Vaynerchuk that you’ve never seen before. You probably know him as the fast talking business sage who has industry leaders and CEO’s hanging on his every word, now see him speechless.

A Belarusian immigrant to America, Gary has always been driven and hungry for the next big opportunity. Using the burgeoning young internet he transformed his families wine business and fortunes and hasn’t stopped since.

In this conversation Gary discusses the endless graft and struggle behind the glistening sheen of success and social media slogans, and just what it takes to become the investor that investors invest in, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.


  • The best insights from your early years
  • How do we build confidence
  • Public criticism
  • Is mindset a privilege?
  • How does someone find out what they're good at
  • Using content to lift people up
  • Whats your dark side
  • Your regrets
  • Your mother


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Published on Dec 26, 2022 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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