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What is your method of connecting with your customers? Does your product or service make sense to them, and do you understand how they see it? 


Our perception of what is easy and straightforward and what the customer perceives as easy and straightforward can sometimes differ, making it vital for everyone on the team to hear directly from the customers without the ‘muffler.‘ 


Today, the cofounders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, discuss how 37signals gives everyone on the team an opportunity to engage with their customers from their book, Rework, in the chapter called "Put Everyone On The Front Lines."


Show Notes: 


[00:40] - Jason shares why it's great to ensure everyone can engage with the company's customers.

[01:47] - David shares why it's vital to hear from the customer without the muffler occasionally.

[03:54] - Why it's crucial to have contact with the customers to remember you're selling to individuals—and it's rewarding, too. 

[05:31] - Ensuring everyone gets their chance on the front lines in front of the customers is one of the most important things you can do.

[06:40] - Applying the productivity and insight enhancement process to your team. 

[07:35] - It's not wasted talent; it's a motivational, bright spot that pays for itself.

[08:28] - If you think you're too good to help customers, you're in the wrong business.   

[10:40] - 'There's no way you can come away from this experience feeling like it was a waste of time. It's just it's impossible. It's actually incredibly enlightening.'

[11:32] - Being on the front lines helps you remember that we are all human, facing our own things outside of what's going on with the software.

[12:52] - Everyone means EVERYONE. Founders show up first and lead by example.

[15:14] - David shares why sometimes your authentic voice DOES need to be filtered.  

[16:11] - Jason shares that you're in bad shape whenever you begin to recite the terms of service to a customer.

[18:13] - Why customer support is really marketing. 

[19:56] - 600 new email threads daily, tens of thousands of potential ambassadors for your brand = the holy grail of organic growth. 

[21:25] - Customer live demos a thing of the future?

[22:25] - Next week, 37signals' head of customer support will share tips on interacting positively with customers, even when they have problems.


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Published on Jan 04, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
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