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In episode 638, Rob Walling chats with Justin Vincent about how to generate startup ideas. They share 8 startup ideas in this episode along with Justin’s approach for coming up with thousands of startup ideas.

Topics we cover: 

  • 1:58 - Coming up with SaaS ideas
  • 3:51 - Transcription for team meetings
  • 11:42 - Online time capsule
  • 15:41 - Pest control using drones
  • 20:29 - Prerecorded live interviews
  • 25:06 - Special diet builder
  • 26:30 - AI-casting director
  • 29:53 - Cash burn alert for VC
  • 31:47 - database modeling tool

Links from the Show:

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Published on Dec 06, 2022 in Entrepreneurship
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