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Bret is joined by two Chainguard co-founders, CEO Dan Lorenc and Head of Product, Kim Lewandowski, to break down the ins and outs of supply chain security and talk about Chainguard's approach to securing it. We dive into tools, including their new Wolfi Linux distro.

We first talk about what that even is, because it's a buzzword right now, and not everyone's on the same page on what securing your supply chain even means in the world of software. Then we jump into base images for containers, and their project Wolfi. We talk a lot about Wolfi in this episode, because it has the potential to change how we build our containers.

Streamed live on YouTube on October 13, 2022.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #188)

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Wolfi-based images

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Published on Jan 06, 2023 in Technology
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