Episode details

0:00 Preview of the debate

0:30 Sponsor

1:00 Nathan introducing our new upcoming AI podcast, The Cognitive Revolution

3:45 Flo’s take on the AI moment and AGI

8:20 Amjad’s take on the AI moment

15:00 Is chatGPT a step function change?

23:45 AI’s effect on coding

34:40 Amjad believes AI is underhyped

35:00 Bounties

53:15 What AI companies should VCs invest in?

57:30 Antonio/Flo pre-debate

1:00:15 “All knowledge work will be automated in 20 years”

1:01:00 Antonio’s AI skepticism

1:05:20 the inflection point is a jump in generality

1:06:00 Who will capture value, incumbents or startups?

1:14:30 Segue into AI and crypto

1:20:00 Flo’s crypto skepticism

1:23:40 Antonio and Flo HEATED DEBATE

1:26:30 Dan tries to calm everybody down

1:27:00 Dan’s crypto perspective

1:29:30 Antonio’s crypto perspective

1:31:50 Amjad’s Bitcoin maximalist view

1:34:55 Amjad’s hilarious rant on crypto ponzis

1:38:00 Dan and Amjad debate Bitcoin/Ethereum

1:40:00 AI vs Web 3 brawl

1:52:32 Amjad’s AI predictions

Published on Jan 29, 2023 in Technology
US English


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