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 In this episode, we discuss what we do when a customer has security and compliance questions, plus, a whole lot more.

Topics in this episode:

  • Tyler shares his experience at Big Snow Tiny Conf
  • Tyler is getting ready for a sabbatical which means delegating a lot of work to other people
  • Rick talks about gather customer profiles at LegUp Health
  • Rick explains what "aged leads" are
  • We discuss whether or not it makes sense for Rick to go after group health insurance clients
  • Tyler talks about an LACRM company tradition
  • LACRM launched their Zapier integration!
  • Tyler is preparing to do more design work
  • We have some rants and shoutouts
  • We talk about what to do when a lead asks for security certifications and/or asks you to fill out a questionnaire¬†

Published on Feb 02, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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