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Sales tax compliance: nobody in SaaS wants to talk about it. Jon and Justin tried to do something about it and it turned into a nightmare. According to Stripe Tax, there are about 90 different regions that software companies may have to register in, and then calculate, collect, and remit sales tax on their behalf. But in North America, many SaaS companies don't seem to care: many that we looked at weren't collecting sales tax at all, while a few had just started collecting in the US states.

  • (00:13) - Welcome
  • (01:54) - Benefits of podcasting for a small business
  • (03:44) - New Year's update
  • (05:59) - Patreon integration feature
  • (10:23) - Dear listener... a request!
  • (10:50) - Exciting! Sales Tax! Discussion!
  • (29:01) - What have we tried
  • (40:12) - A new issue that we can't make progress on
  • (47:00) - Thanks to our Patreon supporters

If you've been wondering about how sales tax applies to SaaS, listen to this episode.

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Published on Feb 10, 2023 in Business
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