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Today we’re joined by Thomas Frank, a YouTube creator with over 2.8m subscribers on his main channel and 138k subscribers on his Notion-focused channel, Thomas Frank Explains. He started out helping ambitious college students study better and pivoted to the self-help/personal development niche. He’s a creator in every sense, going from YouTube videos to writing books, making courses and even launching his own platform with creator friends. Now though, a good chunk of his income is coming from selling Notion templates, making over $100k p/m consistently.


(00:00) Intro
(01:07) Thomas' background
(09:28) Going full time as a creator
(11:35) Consistency and growth
(15:17) How to grow on YouTube
(19:12) Why Thomas stopped posting on his main channel
(22:25) How a $100k p/m creator business works
(25:16) How to grow your business 10x with Notion templates
(30:28) Can you go too niche?
(31:54) Why not continue with the main channel
(33:41) Notion and productivity tools
(41:05) Building a streaming service - Nebula
(45:13) Switching from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy
(51:17) Outro


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Published on Mar 15, 2023 in Business
US English


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