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E24: Today, we're talking to Arvid Kahl, the co-founder of FeedbackPanda, a SaaS startup that was acquired by SureSwift Capital. Arvid shares insights about selling his SaaS business, and then more importantly, his current content strategy, which he seems to be slowly building into another successful business venture, this time as a creator.

On this episode, we touch upon a wide range of topics such as the shift in the economic mindset that comes with selling a business for a large sum, Arvid's content strategy, which Arvid sums up as, "adding tiny things that already fit into the existing system."

We discuss how his small weekly blog grew rapidly and acquired a massive following, how he deploys the same content to four separate content delivery mechanisms with great success. And finally, how he effectively uses AI as a writing buddy to augment his content tasks.


Bootstrapping Feedback Panda to $55k in MRR (2:13)

Selling Feedback Panda for "Life Changing Amount" of Money (5:12)

How Selling Feedback Panda Changed His Approach to Work (7:23)

How Arvid Started Writing Online (8:58)

Why Arvid Backdated His Content on His Blog (10:00)

How Arvid Boosted His Credibility Online (12:13)

How Arvid Started His Newsletter (15:33)

Why Having a Regular Cadence For Your Newsletter is Important (16:40)

How Arvid Launched His Podcast (18:33)

Arvid's Process for Content Distribution (19:00)

How Arvid's New Podcast Format Accelerated His Podcast Growth (22:17)

How Arvid Sources New Content Ideas (23:00)

Arvid' Most Popular Podcast Episodes and Why (24:25)

How Arvid Uses ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (26:26)


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Arvid's Podcast: The Bootstrapped Founder

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Published on Mar 29, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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