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Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features a sneak peek of a Fireside Chat we had in our Build In Public Podcast Fellowship on the theme of podcasting and asking great questions. We were thrilled to have Danny Miranda share his insights on this topic.

Danny Miranda is the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast (top 1%), and has talked to the world's greatest entrepreneurs & thinkers like Gary Vee, Seth Godin, Alex Hormozi etc. with over 400 episodes in his channel.

In this interview, Danny and KP delve into all things podcast specifically topics such as:
●     Intro (00:00)
●     Danny’s current content and value-add (02:51)
●     Huge internal struggles as a beginning podcaster (04:30)
●     Realizations that led to start with podcasting (06:12)
●     On consistency and putting in the work (07:43)
●     What do great podcast questions look like (10:20)
●     Bad questions and how to avoid them (11:25)
●     Danny Miranda’s research process, then and now (12:50)
●     Interview prep for celebrity guests (15:00)
●     Keeping the passion (21:10)
●     Dealing with metrics and going beyond them (23:33)
●     Danny’s podcast guest that changed the game for him (27:16)
●     What to do when a guest does not match the energy (31:00)
●     Audio only versus Audio-video podcasts (33:27)
●     On niching down (38:04)
●     Podcast growth analysis (41:12)

Build In Public Podcast is an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

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Danny’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/heydannymiranda 

The Art Of Interviewing: https://www.artofinterviewing.com/

Danny’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/dannymiranda

KP’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisiskp_

KP's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarthikPuvvadaKP

Published on Oct 03, 2023 in Business
US English


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