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Dive into the inspiring story of Sarah Stockdale, Founder and CEO of Growclass, an online growth marketing training company. In this episode, Sarah shares insights from her early days in a small town in Ontario to becoming a sought-after tech expert. Explore her experiences at Wave and Tilt, her time as a growth consultant with Valkerie, and the challenges of starting Growclass amidst the pandemic. Learn about her perspective on the marketing shift from brand to growth, money mindset, and valuable advice for those contemplating a leap into entrepreneurship.

Join us for a candid conversation on tech culture, growth marketing, entrepreneurship, and the strategic measures Sarah took to bootstrap her business successfully.

In this episode, we cover:

(02:10) Getting comfortable with speaking up as you grow in your career

(04:25) Small-town beginnings: how hard work and grit at a young age shaped Sarah's future 

(10:40) Transitioning into Growth Marketing and the tech world

(21:00) The art of selling it before you build it and the beginning of Growclass

(27:00) The importance of creating a community

(28:50) Early day startup life, being the founder and sales person

(32:00) Essential tips on how to grow a thriving newsletter

(34:04) Sarah's money mindset evolution from scarcity to abundance

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Published on Nov 28, 2023 in Business
US English


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