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One of the benefits of having a podcast is being able to interview interesting people. Being a podcast guest is the best gig in the universe. Spew some knowledge, or just ramble. It’s time to celebrate the 100th episode of the Art of Product (AoP) podcast by catching up with previous guests to share updates and what’s next. Thanks for listening! Today’s Topics Include: Julian Shapiro: Running the growth agency, Bell Curve, was not rewarding but stressful; pivoted to Demand Curve to offer training to grow companies and teams Jason Cohen: Busy because of WP Engine’s multiple acquisitions, including buying Flywheel; he describes how acquisition accelerates or de-risks successful strategies Rob Walling: TinySeed continues to thrive and fun to work with ambitious and motivated founders building things; MicroConf moves from Vegas to Minneapolis in April 2020 Paul Jarvis: Re-recording videos and audio for MailChimp course and rebuilding Fathom Rahul Vohra: Superhuman achieved Series B and added employees; working on mental health and wellness by getting a super-sweet and super-dependent puppy Steve Schoger: Recycled redesigned Tuple site at Laracon and now working on Tailwind UI with Adam Wathan Links and resources: AoP Episode 61: Unconventional Growth Tactics with Julian Shapiro (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-61) Julian Shapiro (https://www.julian.com) Demand Curve (https://www.demandcurve.com/) Bell Curve (https://www.bellcurve.com/) Y Combinator (https://www.ycombinator.com/) AoP Episode 69: Sound, Actionable Advice with Jason Cohen  (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-69) WP Engine (https://wpengine.com/) Flywheel (https://getflywheel.com/flywheel-is-joining-wpengine) Jason Cohen - Designing the Ideal Bootstrapped Business (https://vimeo.com/74338272) SmartBear (https://smartbear.com/) A Smart Bear Blog (https://blog.asmartbear.com/) AoP Episode 66: TinySeed Updates with Rob Walling (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-66)  Rob Walling (https://robwalling.com/) TinySeed (https://tinyseed.com/) Startups for the Rest of Us (https://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/) MicroConf (https://www.microconf.com/) Out of Beta Podcast: The first TinySeed founder retreat  (https://player.fm/series/out-of-beta-2517215/the-first-tinyseed-founder-retreat) AoP Episode 93: Company of One with Paul Jarvis (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-93) Paul Jarvis (https://pjrvs.com/) Company of One (https://ofone.co/) MailChimp Course (https://pjrvs.com/wordpress-course/mailchimp/) Fathom (https://usefathom.com/) Camtasia (https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html) AoP Episode 91: Feeling Superhuman with Rahul Vohra (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-91) Superhuman (https://superhuman.com/) Headway (http://headwaythemes.com/) AoP Episode 70: Refactoring UI: Concept to Launch  (https://artofproductpodcast.com/episode-70) Steve Schoger - Refactoring UI: Tuple (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC9cYdbQ-_c)    Laracon (https://laracon.net/) Justin Jackson’s Transistor (https://justinjackson.ca/) Art of Product on Twitter (https://twitter.com/artofproductpod) Derrick Reimer (http://www.derrickreimer.com) Website Derrick Reimer on Twitter (https://twitter.com/derrickreimer) Ben Orenstein (http://www.benorenstein.com/) Website Ben Orenstein on Twitter (https://twitter.com/r00k?lang=en) Tuple (https://tuple.app/) Tuple’s Pair Programming Guide (https://tuple.app/pair-programming-guide) StaticKit (https://www.statickit.com/) Level (https://level.app/) Level Retrospective (https://www.derrickreimer.com/essays/2019/05/17/im-walking-away-from-the-product-i-spent-a-year-building.html) Level Manifesto (https://level.app/manifesto)

Published on Aug 22, 2019 in Business
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Really great episode, where host Ben Orenstein catches up with a lot of their past guests.

During it he mentions this quote from Jason Cohen's blog:

“You’re doing a good job if you’re enjoying the journey”

That's a great question for founders: "How could we enjoy the journey more?"

4 years ago • Reply

I've listened to every episode of the Art of Product since about 70. Loved every minute and inspired me to start a similar pod.

This episode was like an all-star pod of some of my favourite people, thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats to Ben and Derrick for 100 eps.

4 years ago • Reply

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