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00:00:00 - Andrew Pierno talks about his career in venture-backed companies and how he started his cold email agency, Cold Email Studio.
00:02:45 - Andrew Pierno discusses the challenges and lessons learned from running a cold email agency and the importance of finding the right market, message, and timing.
00:05:34 - Andrew Pierno shares insights on how his agency evolved by focusing on content marketing and thought leadership to attract ideal customers.
00:08:27 - Andrew Pierno talks about the challenges faced by agencies in terms of profit margins and how they shifted their focus to increase profitability.
00:11:07 - Andrew Pierno talks about the process of acquiring and turning around businesses, emphasizing the importance of buying businesses with growth potential and a working channel.
00:17:38 - Andrew Pierno discusses the factors that make a business attractive for acquisition, including product, customers, and channels, and the reasons why some people choose to sell their businesses.
00:20:11 - Andrew Pierno shares his approach to finding and evaluating businesses for acquisition, including direct outreach, online marketplaces, and inbound leads.
00:25:25 - Andrew Pierno highlights the importance of timing and exhaustion as reasons why people sell their businesses, and the challenges of competing with other buyers on online marketplaces.
00:28:49 - Andrew Pierno talks about the value of his online presence and audience in raising outside capital and differentiating his agency in the acquisition space.

Published on Jan 24, 2024 in Business
US English


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