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In this episode Dan uncovers The Ultimate TMBA Business: a productized service business built on a skill set. Tom Kent started his business based on a very specific skill set of his: he was good at getting jobs. Now Tom is the founder and CEO of Career Nerds, a 7-figure productized service that he’s doubling every year because of his precise lead generation strategies and very clear goals. In this episode, Tom gives us a roadmap for turning a skill into a powerful productized service business. Plus, how he avoids the distraction of other target markets and opportunities and stays focused on his goal. Dan & Ian’s Stuff: The Newsletter (https://tropicalmba.com/subscribe) “The DC” (https://dynamitecircle.com/join-dc/) DC Black (https://dynamitecircle.com/dc-black) Global events (https://dynamitecircle.com/events) Hire remote talent (https://remotefirstrecruiting.com/) Find a remote job (https://dynamitejobs.com/) Listen on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/@OfficialTropicalMBA) Follow on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tropicalmba/) @TropicalMBA (https://twitter.com/TropicalMBA) @AnythingIan (https://twitter.com/AnythingIan) Show Notes (00:00:55) Intro (04:39:02) How to turn a skill into a business (06:16:09) Personal branding and networking strategies on LinkedIn (15:24:08) Scaling LinkedIn lead generation with a focus on targeting and outsourcing (19:12:00) Sales process and lead generation for high-dollar products (24:19:04) Sales strategies and conversion rates (30:27:09) Building a sales team and identifying a niche market (44:09:05) Influential books, networking, and travel Links: Career Nerds (https://careernerds.com/) Past guests on TMBA include Cal Newport, David Heinemeier Hannson, Seth Godin, Ricardo Semler, Noah Kagan, Rob Walling, Jay Clouse, Einar Vollset, Sam Dogan, Gino Wickam, James Clear, Jodie Cook, Mark Webster, Steph Smith, Taylor Pearson, Tommy Griffith, Justin Tan, Matt Gartland, Travis Jamison, Ayman Al-Abdullah, Tynan, Lucy Bella Simkins, Brian Balfour, Nick Huber, Mike Michalowicz Additional episodes you might enjoy: Business Basics: Revenue Durability, “Small” Goals, & High-Leverage Meetings (https://tropicalmba.com/episodes/revenue-durability-meetings) Non-Obvious Ways to Grow Your Business + Favorite Moments of 2023 (https://tropicalmba.com/episodes/favorite-moments-of-2023) End-of-Year Brainstorming, Goal-Setting, and a Mexico Meltdown (https://tropicalmba.com/episodes/end-of-year-brainstorming)

Published on Feb 08, 2024 in Business
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