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Today we’re joined by Rob Hope, the founder of One Page Love and host of the Yo! podcast. He also has an upcoming course, Show Them. Rob has been hustling away for almost 15 years on One Page Love, sharing the best single page websites on the internet. The Yo! podcast is a phenomenal showcase of the most talented designers and makers, packaged up into a top class production.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:55 Rob's $1,000 interview
  • 09:19 Working on the same project for 15 years
  • 13:06 Monetizing One Page Love
  • 19:11 The partnership with Webflow
  • 23:27 Crafting a brand deal
  • 26:55 Does Rob have a team?
  • 29:01 How Rob creates so much content
  • 31:40 Focusing vs building new revenue streams
  • 36:22 When's Rob's landing page course coming?
  • 43:56 Investing in the Yo! podcast
  • 49:55 Having Lemon Squeezy as a podcast sponsor

As always thanks for being a listener of the Make Lemonade show. Hosted by @jrfarr & @jmckinven— brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com. 

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Published on Feb 08, 2024 in Business
US English


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