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Tim Huelscamp is the co-founder & CEO of 1440 Media. In this podcast, Tim shares his strategies for scaling and monetizing newsletters, how 1440 reached over 3 million subscribers by delivering comprehensive, unbiased news, and much more.

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(00:15) Guest Introduction

(00:42) 1440 in the media landscape, aimed at busy professionals desiring a comprehensive yet unbiased news source.

(01:49) 1440's foundation story, starting from frustration with existing news media, testing minimum viable product concepts, and the emphasis on high open rates and organic growth as evidence of product-market fit.

(04:33) 1440’s Audience & Demographics

(06:12) Retention and Engagement

(07:28) Creative Strategy & Growth Levers, discussion on  the significance of high-quality, compelling creative work in driving subscriber growth

(20:25) Monetization Strategies

(39:42) Potential for Newsletter Market Saturation and the necessity for delivering high-quality content as the key differentiator for long-term success.

(44:41) Future of 1440

(52:51) Tim’s offer to assist rising newsletter creators by way of connecting and reflecting on the supportive nature of the newsletter community.

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Reach out to ​Tim directly: tim@​join1440.com

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Published on Feb 02, 2024 in Business
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