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Links: Austen on Twitter Al on Twitter Bloomtech (Formerly Lambda School) Becoming Trader Joe by Joe Coulombe Rolling.fun Rolling Fun Podcast episodes: Rolling Fun Ep. 1 Rolling Fun Ep. 2 Rolling Fun Ep. 3 Rolling Fun Ep. 4 Creative EA Delegation with Athena on the Podcast Sponsors: Athenago.com MadeByBread.com Topics: (6:29) - Warming up & Austen escaping San Francisco (13:35) - Catching up on Bloomtech’s growth (24:34) - Hiring horror stories and strategies (37:02) - A lot of advice is bullshit (50:10) - How to deal with hypergrowth (1:00:05) - Will VR be a real thing? (1:05:43) - AI’s early investment in Bloomtech (1:13:32) - Bottlenecks for future growth (1:18:09) - Work/Life… balance? To support the costs of producing this podcast:  >> Buy a copy of the Navalmanack: www.navalmanack.com/  >> Sign up for my online course and community about building your Personal Leverage: https://www.ejorgenson.com/leverage  >> Invest in early-stage companies alongside Eric and his partners at Rolling Fun: https://angel.co/v/back/rolling-fun >> Join the free weekly email list at ejorgenson.com/newsletter >> Text the podcast to a friend >> Give the podcast a positive review to help us reach new listeners

Published on Feb 14, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
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