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Jack McDade is the creator of Statamic, a content management system for Laravel. He’s just launched his new course, Radical Design, which teaches people Jack’s unique approach to design and building products. And when unique approach, I mean it. All you have to do it scroll through Jack’s sites, his personal, Statamic, the Radical Design landing page to be immediately entertained by the little nuggets of flair dropped in throughout. In a world of boring landing pages and everyone doing the same thing, it’s nice to have a bit of Jack out in the world.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:12 JR's question to Jack
  • 03:00 Starting Statamic
  • 04:03 Statamic growth over the years
  • 07:04 Jack's approach to the product
  • 10:03 What does Jack's day look like
  • 11:20 When to hire as a CEO
  • 15:22 Launching a course 4 years after annoucning it
  • 21:49 What is Radical Design and why make a course
  • 26:23 The secret sauce for Radical Design
  • 30:26 Embracing AI as a designer
  • 36:06 How did the launch of the course go
  • 38:59 Where do future sales come from after launching?
  • 45:57 Dabbling in fun projects

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Published on Mar 28, 2024 in Entrepreneurship
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