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In episode 707, Rob Walling, alongside guests Tracy Osborn and Einar Vollset, give their hot takes on some recent news in the world of SaaS. They discuss Once.com’s launch, liquidation preference nuances in startup buyouts, with moving from open source to full time income and more. 

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Topics we cover: 

  • 2:18 - Once.com and the Implications of One-Time Software Sales
  • 10:39 - Liquidation Preferences in Startup Acquisitions
  • 21:59 - Turning an open source project into a business
  • 24:32 - Book recommendations
  • 30:30 - Is building a startup actually hard?
  • 32:46 - Startups vs. lifestyle businesses

Links from the Show: 

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Published on Apr 02, 2024 in Entrepreneurship
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