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Rogie King is a larger than life designer who rides the intersection of art and code. For decades he has carving up digital screens, producing the most delicious pixel treats. Each layered with subtle details and personality. We chat about his designer advocate role at Figma, what makes a good community, how to get started with your first Figma plugins, what he'd do if he took over Dribbble and we rank the all time horror film greats in a brand new intermission called Rogie's Fright Night.

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A massive love-filled thanks to Webflow who encouraged me to go all-in on the video format. They are the full season 3 sponsor


(00:00) The Pixel King
(01:10) The horse-headed crocodile
(03:54) Moving to Salt Lake City
(05:16) Sponsor: Webflow
(06:20) Introvert Extrovert
(08:26) Intermission: No Context
(10:46) Scary Fast Figma
(11:59) Designer Advocate?
(18:59) Figma community
(23:08) How to start a community
(25:17) Who is doing community right?
(27:11) Collecting Disney pins
(28:40) Rob birding and nerding
(31:05) Cameo: Yo! Grace Walker (S3E3)
(31:15) How would you revive Dribbble?
(35:35) Creating Figma plugins
(45:22) Intermission: Overrated Underrated
(47:34) Hunting and eating your own meat
(53:10) The Sandwich Generation
(60:01) Find your people
(62:37) Where to follow Rogie
(64:00) Bonus: Rogie's Fright Night

Published on Apr 10, 2024 in Design
US English


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