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In this episode of Multithreaded Income, host Kevin Griffin is joined by Michael Rollins to discuss various topics, including the challenges and benefits of working from home, the concept of shedquarters for maintaining work-life balance, and navigating career transitions towards self-employment. Michael shares his journey from attempting to become a successful YouTuber to cofounding Engine Room Media, a company aimed at helping creators become better business persons. The conversation also covers the importance of having a diversified income, especially for creators reliant on platforms like TikTok, which face uncertainties. Additionally, Michael provides insights into financial planning, including dealing with unexpected unemployment, the pitfalls of debt, and the importance of not solely relying on traditional employment for income. The dialogue emphasizes building a network, not burning bridges, and exploring non-traditional paths to achieve financial freedom and happiness.

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Engine Room Media: https://www.engineroommedia.com

Published on Apr 02, 2024 in Business
US English


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