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Gal Shir is a multitalented artist with disciplines in painting, NFTs, and brand identity. Gal's passion for creating joyful art is contagious, and he has grown a following of millions across social media platforms, each eagerly anticipating his next creation. We delve into his new chapter of helping young brands define their visual identity, his YouTube success and burnout, what makes a good logo, the delight behind creating fun NFTs, and the clever SEO tactics he used to grow his Color Hunt side project to 30,000 unique visitors a day.

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A massive love-filled thanks to Webflow who encouraged me to go all-in on the video format. They are the full season 3 sponsor


(00:00) The Artist
(01:23) Born to Draw
(04:03) Intermission: No Context
(05:33) Reviving Dribbble P1
(07:35) Sponsor: Webflow
(08:42) Reviving Dribbble P2
(09:23) Inspiration
(09:58) YouTube Hiatus
(12:49) Burnout Signs
(14:53) Cameo: Vijay S3E6
(15:12) Freelancing or Content Creation
(17:17) Branding advice to younger self
(19:55) Current Gal.sh focus
(23:00) Favorite Rebrand
(25:35) Intermission: Overrated, Underrated
(26:35) Creating NFTs
(30:19) Why create delight?
(33:19) Income Streams
(34:39) Color Hunt
(38:09) SEO Tactics
(40:26) Color Scheme Ingredients
(43:21) How to break a design rut?
(46:01) Outro (Art is Hard)

Published on May 22, 2024 in Design
US English


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