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Mike McAlistair is a designer, software engineer and course creator from the Midwest, USA. For nearly two decades, Mike has been crafting quality WordPress products, achieving significant success when WP Engine acquired his Array Themes and Atomic Blocks. Following this success and leveraging his shipping experience, he created the Liftoff course to help creators bring their products to market. Today, we delve into his new Ollie WordPress block theme, how he plans to monetize it, AI shortcuts and his preference for the long road, his passion for space photography, and what the first order of business would be if he took over at WordPress.

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A massive love-filled thanks to Webflow who encouraged me to go all-in on the video format. They are the full season 3 sponsor


(00:00) AI vs Human Touch
(02:54) Milwaukee
(05:04) Intermission: No Context
(07:02) Aliens Exist (WP UX)
(07:25) Sponsor: Webflow
(08:29) Ollie Block Theme
(14:34) Salvage WordPress
(19:01) Aging UI in video tutorials
(21:53) Ollie Pro
(27:49) Future of WP block editors (feat. Noel Tock)
(31:18) Me or We (feat. Patrick Posner)
(32:27) Step away and get paid
(35:38) Intermission: Overrated, Underrated
(36:53) Liftoff Creator Course
(39:05) Promo: Yo.FM
(39:50) Course Distribution
(53:10) Space Photography
(56:55) No Shortcuts
(01:01:18) Where to follow Mike
(01:02:06) Outro (Art is Hard)

Published on May 08, 2024 in Design
US English


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