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Topics: (00:00:00) - Intro (00:04:43) - Russian interpretations of friendship (00:09:28) - Thoughts on the state of society and its rate of technological adoption (00:13:22) - Creating alliances between entrepreneurs, capitalists, and scientists (00:17:17) - Rick Rubin on Creativity in Investing (00:20:55) - Does Taste exist in the world of VC? (00:26:06) - Becoming a better Communicator (00:40:59) - What archetypes do you see in the folks you work with? (00:44:18) - Arkady’s background and career (01:00:34) - Arkady’s thesis and technical due diligence for rpv (01:11:26) - Companies Arkady is excited about (01:16:55) - What important problems are you not seeing pursued? (01:21:11) - How can people get in touch with you? Links: Arkady on LinkedIn Rpv Venture Fund Specialist by Robert Sheckley The Creative Act by Rick Rubin To support the costs of producing this podcast:  >> Buy a copy of the Navalmanack: www.navalmanack.com/  >> Buy a copy of The Anthology of Balaji: https://balajianthology.com/ >> Sign up for my online course and community about building your Personal Leverage: https://www.ejorgenson.com/leverage  >> Invest in early-stage companies alongside Eric and his partners at Rolling Fun: https://angel.co/v/back/rolling-fun >> Join the free weekly email list at ejorgenson.com/newsletter >> Text the podcast to a friend >> Or at least give the podcast a positive review to help us reach new listeners!  Important quotes from Arkady Kulik: "Good communication is essential to avoid conflicts and build better relationships, both personally and professionally." — Arkady Kulik "Aligning visions with founders is critical. It’s not just about the business, it’s about shared values and missions." — Arkady Kulik "The alliance between entrepreneurs and scientists is the key to unlocking humanity's transition to an advanced civilization." — Arkady Kulik "Technology is the only source of never-ending growth. Our ability to reshape what we have with a small amount of resources into something fantastic is a never-ending source of creativity." — Arkady Kulik "People who are not true to themselves and lie to themselves are not founder material. The people who don’t lie to themselves and know what they are trying to do are the ones who can actually get there." — Arkady Kulik

Published on Jun 26, 2024 in Business
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