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In today’s episode of Freelance to Founder, you'll hear the story of Baird Hall, founder of Wavve.co. If you've seen these cool social videos floating around that feature short excerpts of podcast episodes, with a neat audiowave bouncing to the beat of the voices in that excerpt, there's a pretty good chance it was a Wavve video.

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Baird started the company in January 2017 after running what he *thinks* was a failed startup for about 2 years, called uTalk Sports, a sort of app-based radio offering that featured individual channels on specific sports talks, like Kansas City Chiefs football for instance, that were run by regular people like you and me. It was podcasting that didn't feel like podcasting, because listeners to those channels could leave their own replies to whatever the hosts of the channels talked about. It was pretty cool.

Though it didn't work out, uTalk wasn't a failure at all. It was the first step and Wavve wouldn't have happened without it. uTalk pivoted to become Wavve when Baird finally realized that creating short audio snippets from these individual channels to promote the app and its contributors was the REAL product he should be focused on.

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Published on Jun 06, 2019
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